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Författerhuset Kindergarten / COBE - Projekt

The Forfatterhuset Kindergarten by COBE brings a breath of life to the neighbourhood with this flexible, innovative architecture created by a studio with a focus on the actual urban surroundings. Image 1 of 24 from gallery of Forfatterhuset Kindergarten / Cobe. Photograph by Adam Mørk COBE's Copenhagen kindergarten designed as a "village for children" Jessica Mairs | 7 October 2014 5 comments Vertical strips of masonry wrap around the buildings and playgrounds that make up The project for Forfatterhuset Kindergarten is the result of an invited competition. The starting point for the project is two large trees that inhabit the site. The building embraces these trees and integrates them in the design of the building.

Forfatterhuset kindergarten

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PhotoRasmus Hjortshøj. Article by Domus. 17. Wood Architecture Organic Architecture School Architecture Amazing Architecture Architecture Models Kindergarten Projects Online Magazine Brick Facade Brick Cladding. May 11, 2015 - Image 3 of 24 from gallery of Forfatterhuset Kindergarten / Cobe.

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Five small houses with a unique brick cladding and green Longitudinal section drawing for the Forfatterhuset Kindergarten complex. Forfatterhuset kindergarten is comprised of five small buildings tied together in a harmonious sequence of the so-called vertical ‘brick baguettes’, like a band continuing from house to house. The unique façade appears as a series of flowerpots sprouting lush rooftop gardens and complemented by vigorous green environments and surrounding Apr 6, 2016 - Forfatterhuset Kindergarten – A garden village for kids 2014-10-07 · The kindergarten opened its doors in July 2014 and is the result of a competition held in 2012 won by Danish architects COBE in collaboration with PK3 landscape architects and D.A.I.

Forfatterhuset kindergarten

COBE - Forfatterhuset Kindergarten Dagis, Förskola, Skola

COBE. Foto Rasmus Hjortshõj,. Adam Mørk. “Barn och unga tar plats. De behöver utrymme att pröva  Stadsbiblioteket, Göteborg.

360° Rundgang im neuen St. Christophorus Kindergarten. Wir bedanken  7 Nov 2012 LETH & GORI and EMA present their finalist concept for Forfatterhuset Kindergarten This concept for Forfatterhuset Kindergarden is the result of  26 Mar 2017 Forfatterhuset Kindergarten by COBE.
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Children of Pratt Institute Kindergarten i New York (Wikisource 2019). photos/10847/forfatterhuset-kindergarten-longitudinal-section/.

The kindergarten’s heart is a vertical, bright space. Forfatterhuset Kindergarten Located in a historic area of Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting mainly of nursing homes and senior housing, the kindergarten transforms the surroundings from last destination of many people to a starting place for children. With Forfatterhuset Kindergarten, planned for these idyllic surroundings, the main idea behind the building is to introduce young life to coexist in harmony with the elderly community in a generous way that gives more than it takes away.
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86. Cobe. 1. Cobe was founded in 2006 by  Gallery of Forfatterhuset Kindergarten / Cobe - 12.

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Photograph by Rasmus Hjortshõj. Gallery - Forfatterhuset Kindergarten / COBE - 8 Berömda Arkitekter, Modern Arkitektur, Image 8 of 24 from gallery of Forfatterhuset Kindergarten / Cobe.